Shopping Safety / Walking at Night

Personal Safety While Shopping


  • Avoid shopping alone. Try to shop with a friend or relative. 

  • Park your vehicle in a well-lighted area. Put radar detectors and cellular telephones out of sight. 

  • Know your surroundings. Keep an eye on the people in front of as well as behind you. 

  • Carry your purse close to your body. Don't swing it loosely. Don't flash large amounts of cash. 

  • Walk with confidence. Avoid talking to strangers. 

  • Approach your vehicle with your keys already in your hand. 

  • Try not to carry too many packages. Place all packages out of sight in your vehicle, preferably in the trunk. 

  • Keep your vehicle doors locked and your windows shut. 

  • If you see anything suspicious or if something just doesn't feel right, leave immediately and contact security or the police. 


  Walking Alone At Night


  • Avoid walking or running alone at night. Instead go walking or jogging with a friend. 

  • Don't use headphones while walking, driving or jogging. 

  • Always walk in well-lighted areas. 

  • Avoid the use of short cuts. 

  • After dark, keep away from large bushes or doorways where someone could be lurking. 

     Always stay near the curb. 

  • If someone in a vehicle stops and asks for directions, answer from a distance. Do not approach the vehicle. 

  • If followed, go immediately to an area with lights and people. If needed, turn around and walk in the opposite direction, your follower will also have to reverse directions. 

  • Do not display cash openly, especially when leaving an ATM. 

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